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With millions of active users engaged in healthy activities with high clinical relevancy. Testing blood, Filling Forms, and Indexing healthcare.

Blood testing, direct to consumer simple, convenient, precise and affordable for all.  A single drop of blood, drawn from from a fingertip in the convenience of home, dropped in the mail, results  for a dozen useful blood tests in 2 or 3 days on your smartphone.  Headlined with cardiac troponin (your heart health signal) and HbA1c (your diabetes signal).

   Filling out paper medical forms is redundant and time-wasting. Today you can use your smartphone to scan and deposit checks from anywhere in the world. Yet every day patients around the globe are still handed clipboards with paper forms to fill out. They have to provide the same information over and over again—from memory. Kalibrate Blockchain is developing FormDrop, a mobile app that solves this problem by allowing you to electronically fill out and deliver any form, anywhere, with just a few clicks on your smartphone

   Kalibrate Blockchain is developing a universal patient health information platform that resolves patient identity across healthcare information systems. It requires no initial participation or implementation by doctors or hospitals to achieve critical mass adoption. It is supported by products that put patients in control of their own health information. The Universal Patient Index solves the root cause of major challenges in patient identity and health information.

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One Drop is being urgently developed to 

Profile Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 and Characterization of Immunity

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"The problem of tracking a patient's health information throughout their healthcare journey is one of the most significant healthcare problems, and that, when solved, holds the potential for a transformational inflection point for healthcare. This problem remains unsolved. We are here to bring hope."
Calvin Wiese