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Calvin Wiese


Calvin Wiese has served as the company’s CEO, president, assistant secretary, and sole director since its inception in December 2018. He leads product and company vision, marketing, operations, and capitalization efforts. He holds an MBA from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College.

His accomplishments span more than 30 years of healthcare senior executive experience. He served for ten years as senior vice president and chief financial officer for Adventist Health System (now known as Advent Health), a multi-billion-dollar hospital company, and as a consultant in a national consulting firm. He also worked as an auditor and CPA for Ernst & Whinney as well as collaborating with the Mayo Clinic in managing a $25 million venture capital pool and mentoring start-ups.

He has been an ongoing pioneer in ventures pertaining to healthcare and patient health information for more than 30 years. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Wiese founded Wellspring Clinical Labs, Inc. (founded in 2006) and Kalibratev, Inc. (founded in 2016).  Both of these ventures continue to operate and are critical components of the Project supported by this Offering. As part of his responsibilities in this position, Wiese continues to provide executive leadership to those entities, as he has for the past 12 years. He will have broady, ongoing discretionary powers over the Company.  

Mr. Wiese has a proven track record as a serial solver of large, complex problems that have chronically defied solution, as well as monetizing those solutions to realize outsize returns for investors.

Between September 2006 and the present, he has served as president and director of Wellspring Clinical Lab, Inc. From February 2016 to the present, he has served as president and director of Kalibratev, Inc. 

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Cecil Wiese

Product Manager

Cecil Wiese  has a ten-year track record as an organizational solution-seeker. He has worked in the area of organizational problem-solving and solution-seeking in the boardrooms of large and small hospitals as well as in multinational corporations.

Mr. Wiese has served since 2013 as a facilitator at the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab, working with hundreds of organizations on design-seeking projects. He continues to work with FHIL on a per diem basis.

He is also a co-owner of Orlando City Combusha, a licensed Kombucha brewery in the Orlando, Florida, area.

He completed his B.A. in philosophy at the University of Central Florida in 2012.

Sandra Eisenberg

Marketing Director

Sandra Eisenberg has more than 30 years of product management, marketing, and sales experience. As the former director of CRM product management at Avaya, Eisenberg oversaw development of partnership product management for all contact center software.  

Prior to serving at Avaya, Eisenberg ran the NCR/Microsoft alliance co-developing and branding joint solutions. Eisenberg also product managed Teradata CRM industry specific data warehouse (OLAP) solutions for healthcare, transportation, finance, and retail. Most recently Eisenberg has run the Southern Region for e5 Marketing as managing partner.

Eisenberg was the first woman to win the AT&T National Sales Award and worked closely to form an alliance between AT&T and Adventist Health System, resulting in the creation of Health Magic, an early internet-based solutions company founded by Calvin Wiese. 

Eisenberg holds a bachelor’s degree from Stephens College in Missouri. She also completed graduate-level studies at the London School of Economics.

Mark Bond

Creative Director

Mark Bond has 30 years of experience in graphic and visual design, corporate identity and branding, and healthcare marketing and communication. He also has more than ten years of experience in nonprofit communication, publishing, brand management, marketing strategy, editorial, public relations, media relations, social media, photography, event planning, and promotion. He is particularly adept at communicating complex concepts to varied audiences.

He began his career as a graphic designer for Anson-Stoner, one of Orlando’s top ad agencies, serving clients such as Disney, Pizza Hut, and Universal Studios. He eventually became the art director for Florida Hospital-Orlando. He continued to do contract logo and corporate identity work for Adventist Health (now Advent Health) and Florida Hospital even after he left full-time employment in 1996 to co-found Edgerton-Bond, a graphic design and marketing communication business.  

In 2000, he co-founded Red Canoe Creative (formerly BONDesign), a company that specializes in branding, marketing, and information design.

He earned his B.S. degree in business and corporate communication at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas.

Cisco Garcia

Lead Systems Engineer

  • Cisco Garcia has extensive experience as a systems architect and software engineer. Career and project highlights include:

    • Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Company – lead developer and systems architect for MRP Solution 4 plant proprietary mixing, industrial material handling and accounting system.

    • INSTeTAG Corporation – chief architect and system developer of a temporary tag electronic delivery system for Florida car dealerships.

    SWORD Banking Systems – software engineer for financial network systems, including an “unbanked ATM” machine and a FED checking/debit card system with advanced document authentication devices.

  • Pace Electronics – software developer and chief scientist for research and development for warehouse management systems, data acquisition circuits, and PCB designs.

  • AT&T Global Information Solutions – field engineer for personal computers, business servers, laser printers, and networking/Unix.

  • Electronic Barn – systems builder for personal computers, business servers, and custom high-performance systems for mid-sized businesses.

  • Pinball Connection – member of electronic engineering development team for amusement/arcade industry performing PCB board design and component-level repairs.

Mr. Garcia is trained as an NCR Field Technician in AS/400, System/370, Teradata, PCs, banking proof machines, and ATM machines. His certifications include CNA, CCNA, Cisco, Baynetworks, Auspex, A+, Network+, and Telecom (T1/CSU/DSU).

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"The problem of tracking a patient's health information throughout their healthcare journey is one of the most significant healthcare problems, and that, when solved, holds the potential for a transformational inflection point for healthcare. This problem remains unsolved. We are here to bring hope."
Calvin Wiese